Crossing the Line...

things forbidden have a secret charm..

14 September


Hello! I am mostly called (and i do preferred to be called) by my nickname Lhen
I am from the Philippines and I am a proud Pinay!
I'm done with university stuff and already working!


I am a fan of both Japanese and Korean Pop
Mostly the group from Johnny's Entertainment and SM Entertainment
Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8, Super Junior, DBSK & SHINEE particularly
My Ultimate bias in J-pop is none other than the Sexy Osaka Man, Nishikido Ryo
While in K-pop it will always be Super Junior's Dance Machine, Lee Hyukjae. I adore JJ project and now that they debuted again as Got7 , I love them more. Park Jinyoung is my bias in Got7 and i ship markjin.


Joining the Fandom lead me to the world of fanfiction
And i can say that reading Fanfiction is my addiction~
I started as a reader but eventually I started writing my own fanfiction about my OTP's
Yes OTP's, I have three OTP's. AKAME, RYODA and HAEHYUK and now baby OTP - MarkJin
I am very bias when it comes to the role of my OTP in their relationship
Jin, Ryo and Donghae will always be the top and Kame,Ueda and Hyukjae will always be the bottom! it's my opinion and my choice. Please do respect that! Mark tops Jinyoung (hahah babies)


-edited but incomplete-